Lifebuoy: Why Hydration is so Important this Winter

It goes without saying that hydration is important during the summer months when temperatures are high and our bodies tend to sweat more. However, many people forget that regular hydration is just as important in winter. Here’s why…

Your Body Still Loses Water

When you sweat during summer, your body finds a way to cool down quickly, especially when you are wearing fewer items of clothing, along with clothing that is more loose fitting than usual. In winter, you envelop every inch of your skin in warm fabric which, more often than not, results in sweating as the weather gets slightly warmer throughout the day.

However, unlike in summer, the body cannot regulate its temperature as quickly, often leading to a similar amount of sweating during winter as in summer - that will probably go unnoticed. As a result, we lose water at similar rates in both summer and winter, yet feel less of an urgency to replace this water loss during winter when the weather is cold.

There is Less Humidity in the Air

In South Africa, we often experience very dry winters, with little rain and even less humidity in general. This can have a severe drying effect on our skin, leading to uncomfortable flaking and itching. The only way in which to combat this, aside from using a quality body lotion, is to hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. 

Winter Sports

If you enjoy a few winter sports, or still remain dedicated to your morning run despite the frosty temperatures, your body will require a substantial amount of re-hydration both before and after such activities. While a bottle or two of cold water might not seem very attractive at the time, your body needs the hydration just as much as it would after strenuous activity in summer. If you still can’t stomach anything cold, do the next best thing and rehydrate with some Rooibos tea.

While ensuring that you remain hydrated is definitely a priority this winter, another factor to keep in mind is doing everything in your power to keep germs at bay. Introducing new Lifebuoy antibacterial soap “Lifebuoy Moisture Plus”. Not only can this Lifebuoy soap provide your skin with all that it needs in order to brave the chilly weather and its occasionally unpleasant side-effects, but it also has the power to protect against 10 infection-causing germs. This year, it’s Lifebuoy vs. Winter…