Prepare Your Immune System For Winter Germs

With winter starting to creep up on us, you’ll want to keep yourself and your kids as healthy as possible. Generally, your immune system does a pretty good job at keeping you safe from all of the nasty germs, bacteria and viruses out there, but it isn’t invincible! If you have a strong immune system, you’ll be less likely to get sick over winter, which means less time off work for you, no days of red noses and cracked lips and a full winter term at school for the kids!

Because we get more colds and bugs in winter than summer, many people think the cold weather is to blame. In fact, it’s more likely to be because people spend more time inside and so it is far easier for bugs to spread between people.

The good thing about this is that while you can’t do anything about the cold weather, you can do something about germ protection!

Of course, infection prevention should always include a combination of different approaches. Good hygiene habits, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should all play a part in keeping the nasties at bay!

The first step towards infection prevention is good handwashing habits for the entire family. Because so many germs, illnesses and viruses are spread via your hands (by touching your eyes or mouth and passing the germs into your system, for example), it’s very important to regularly wash them with antibacterial soap. Set a good example for your kids by showing them that hands should always be washed after going to the bathroom, before eating a meal, and when preparing any food.

Just washing your hands properly and regularly can make a huge difference to the amount of illnesses you pick up each year, and is even more important for young children or those who get sick regularly. Regular handwashing will help control the spread of germs so that even if your immune system is suffering, you’re less likely to come into contact with viruses and bacteria that could keep you off your feet for a few days.

To give yourself the best chance of fighting off a bug quickly in the unfortunate event that you get infected with one, it’s important to adopt a balanced diet to prepare and improve your immune system. Make sure to get plenty of vegetables of varying colours for a variety of vitamins and minerals, Add in a few extra vegetables to your evening stews and make sure you stay hydrated too!

We tend to drink less water as the temperature drops, but good hydration is important for a healthy body! It’s also important to try and support your immune system with overall good health habits – daily exercise, no smoking, and limiting your alcohol intake.