Lifebuoy Care Hand Wash 200ml 

Lifebuoy Care 200ml liquid hand soap is a cleanser that is gentle on all skin types. 

 In 1894 William Lever invented an affordable hygiene product in cholera-affected Victorian England. Lifebuoy was more than just a soap bar, it became a daily essential, helping to protect families from germs. Lifebuoy Care Germ Protection Hand Wash Soap is extra-gentle on skin to help keep your whole family clean and protected from germs. Frequent hand washing has been proven to help prevent the spread of germs that can cause infections. Lifebuoy hand wash, with 99.9% germ protection*, helps to keep your family clean while keeping germs at bay. Lifebuoy Care Hand Wash Soap contains Activ Silver Plus, an advanced germ-fighting formula, balanced with gentle ingredients for a rich, creamy lather and soft finish. The convenient pump dispenser makes it even easier to make regular hand washing a part of your daily routine. Lifebuoy's global campaign encourages everyone to wash hands at least five times a day, before every meal, after going to the toilet, and at bath time. In an age when germs can be easily and quickly spread, it's even more important to practice personal hygiene. Use Lifebuoy Germ protection hand soap and frequently wash hands to keep yourself and your family safe and free from germs. *As per lab test against indicator organism.

  • Lifebuoy Care is a germ protection hand wash that leaves your hands clean, germ-free and feeling soft.
  • Lifebuoy is a soap that cleanses and protects against germs.
  • Frequent hand washing with soap or hand wash has proven to be effective in removing germs.
  • Lifebuoy hand wash is gentle on all skin types.
  • Good personal hygiene is the key to good personal health. Use Lifebuoy Hand Wash daily for ongoing germ protection.

Advanced germ protection ingredient, Active5.