Hygiene Hints When Travelling Between Areas

Most South Africans travel to and from metropolitan and rural areas on a regular basis. The city has amenities that rural areas sometimes don’t offer, but you can still stay clean and fresh, even when you’re in the most remote areas. It just takes a bit of prep and planning. 

Germ Protection Hand Wash

Before you leave the comfort of the city, make sure you always carry a bottle of water that could double-up as handwashing water. Also, always carry some Lifebuoy Total handwash liquid with you with which to wash your hands for the best germ protection , so that you can stay healthy during your trip. Or if you can’t access water, hand sanitiser will work as well.  

Make Sure Your Drinking Water Is Clean

Unless you’re 100% sure of the origin of drinking water, rather opt for bottled water or use a device like the Life Straw. The Life Straw costs around R400.00 and filters any water to make it drinking safe. 

Avoid Touching Your Face and Mouth 

Try to avoid touching your face and mouth, especially after having used public transport or having spent time in busy public areas. These spaces usually carry germs and bacteria that can make you sick. Avoid hand-to-mouth contact in order to keep the germs at bay. Or carry antibacterial wipes on your person to give your hands a thorough clean afterward. 

Make Sure Your Food Is Fresh

If you’re uncertain of who prepared the food you are about to eat, rather ask when the food had been prepared - and how it has been stored. Ideally, if food is not cooked fresh on the spot, it should have been refrigerated to avoid bacterial growth, especially in warm temperatures. If there is no refrigeration, rather skip the meal or ask for a freshly prepared version. No one wants a stomach bug when you’re far away from good sanitation and toilets. 

We hope you’ve found these hints helpful. So now, you can relax an enjoy your next adventure into the great unknown!