Kid and adult are washing their hands. Protection against infections and viruses.

Tips to Explain The Importance Of Handwashing to A Child

Hand washing has always been an important aspect of everyday life. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, hand washing is now vital to prevent the spread of the potentially deadly virus. Getting your children to remember to wash their hands regularly is sometimes easier said than done. But what if we told you there are a few easy and engaging ways to explain the importance of hand washing to your child?

Hand washing prevents the spread of a host of germs that may lead to illness. Practising good hand hygiene with our children is a great way to educate them while leading by example.

Make Different Coloured Soaps A Thing

If there’s one thing that manages to grab a child’s attention, it’s colour, and a variety of it. Lifebuoy soap bar is available in a variety of colours that not only make hand washing fun but prevent the spread of germs in the process.

Tip: Use the different colours of soap to explain the various types of bacteria that live on our hands if we don’t wash them regularly and how the bacteria spreads germs and illness. Use the same opportunity to stress the importance of washing hands.

Play A Game

Children love playing games, so why not make hand washing in your home fun by playing a game. Draw up a chart with each child’s name on it and every time they practise good hand hygiene a star gets added next to their name. This makes washing hands fun.

Tip: Set up a rewards system for diligently practised hand-hygiene and reward your children with treats.

Make Up A Song

Make a song that goes with hand-washing time, engage your children by asking them to help come up with lyrics for your unique handwashing song. Alternatively, pick a song from their favourite cartoon movie and make up a dance routine to boot. Children enjoy being actively engaged and they tend to learn faster when the teaching is more interactive.

Tip: While some children are shy, others are wonderfully outspoken. For the more extroverted child, a dance routine that they have personally choreographed while washing their hands will inspire the entire family to join in.

While the tips above are great for the younger ones, older kids also need to be educated on the importance of handwashing. Encourage teenagers to use the internet to research and educate themselves on why good hand hygiene should be practised, especially today. Encourage good hand hygiene amongst teenagers by explaining that little siblings will mimic and learn from what they do.

Lifebuoy has a wide range of hygiene soap and hand hygiene products to choose from. From us here at Lifebuoy, happy good hand hygiene days ahead.  

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