Lifebuoy Herbal Germ Protection Soap Bar 175g  

Lifebuoy Herbal is a 175g soap bar that leaves you feeling clean and fresh, for skin cleansing or as a hand wash or hand sanitizer.

In 1894, Lifebuoy soap was first introduced to the world as a soap to fight the spread of germs. For over 100 years, the famous red bar of soap has been the symbol of how hygiene supports health. As a germ protection soap, Lifebuoy prevents the spread of 99.9% of germs, keeping you and your family clean and healthy. Now, Lifebuoy is available in a range of soap bars, hand wash, bodywash and hand sanitizers for convenient, thorough hygiene and germ protection.

Use Lifebuoy Herbal Germ Protection Soap daily in the shower or bath to make sure that your body isn't just clean but also protected against the most common germs. Lifebuoy's rich and creamy soap removes germs while it cleanses, fighting off illness and skin infections. In an age when disease is easily and quickly spread, like a virus, around the world, it's even more important to practice regular personal hygiene.



Mixture of extracts of Aloe Vera.
Advanced germ protection ingredient, Active5.


About this product

  • Lifebuoy Herbal soap is a germ protection soap bar that leaves you feeling clean and fresh, whether you use it for skin cleansing or as a hand wash.
  • The patented ‘Activ Silver' ingredient in Lifebuoy soap gives you and your family the best protection from germs that can cause infection.
  • Frequent hand washing has proven to be effective in removing bacteria and preventing illness.
  • Lifebuoy soap bars are gentle on all skin types.
  • Fight germs and infection with the world's No. 1 antibacterial soap.
  • Good personal hygiene is the key to good personal health. Use Lifebuoy Body Wash daily for ongoing germ protection.