Lifebuoy Liquid and Bar Soap next to sink

Liquid or bar soap?

Liquid soap or bar soap? It’s a battle as old as time and many are often conflicted when it comes to what they’d prefer to wash their hands and bodies with. At Lifebuoy, we happen to know a fair amount on the matter, because we have an extensive range that encompasses both. As a gel or liquified version of your favourite soap, liquid hand wash is set to deliver many of the same benefits as your bar from a convenient and hygienic pump bottle.

Lifebuoy Hand Washes also deliver the added benefit of Active5 for increased germ protection. From liquid hand soap to classic bars, which one reigns supreme? Here are a few things to note.

The end goal should always be the same

If you’re washing your hands, you’re aiming to cleanse the dirt from the surface of your skin. How you do that will be down to the soap you’re using. Whether you’d prefer a germ protection hand wash or a bar with the same properties, it certainly doesn’t matter, as long as you choose a reliable one that gets the job done.

What are the benefits?

Whether you choose bar soap, liquid hand wash, or body wash, the benefits should be the most important deciding factor.


young child handwashing


Washing your hands is a recommended measure to help prevent the spread of germs. This will help keep you and your family clean and healthy. Lifebuoy offers a variety of different options, formulated with specific ingredients for enhanced moisture, extra care, fragrance and more. The greatest advantage of all our products is that they are 99.9% effective against Covid-19*. This makes it easier to decide between liquids or bars, because you won’t lose out with either choice.

*As per lab tests

It’s all about preference

For some, a compact bar of soap might not be as appealing as a modern bottle of liquid hand soap or body wash. That’s okay, we’re big believers in “each to their own”.

Taking skin sensitivity into consideration

According to those with sensitive skin or allergies often find bar soaps to be gentler than liquid variants. This is usually because they often contain fewer ingredients, namely preserving agents to keep them shelf-stable.  


2. Hand holding bar of soap


Communal use

Back in the day, it was assumed that sharing a bar of soap resulted in the breeding of germs on the surface of the bar. Flash forward to 2021 and we’re pleased to say that when it comes to our bars, this certainly isn’t the case.

Which is more drying?

Due to the addition of more ingredients, liquid soap is often less drying than bar variants. Although, we’ve got to say, it certainly depends on the bar. We include ingredients like Aloe Vera  and Natural Yoghurt Extracts in some of our bars to lock in moisture and stop dryness.


Adult washing hands



Typically, bar soaps are cheaper than liquid soaps, therefore if you’re on a tight budget or trying to save money, bars are a more desirable option.

Which one is better?

Whilst this is entirely up to you, you can’t go wrong if you’re selecting either from the Lifebuoy range. Many people find that there’s room in their household for both. This might mean liquid soap next to the bathroom and kitchen sinks, with bar soap in the shower.

Celebrating good health

Whether you’re team bar or team liquid, we’re on your side. With a range that caters to every need, your family’s health and hygiene are just as important to us as it is to you. We’ll take care of the germs, while you focus on spending quality time together. Find your new favourite Lifebuoy bar soap or body wash today. Alternatively, view our hygiene and germ protection hand wash range.

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