4 Gross Hygiene Facts

1. Handbags:

If you carry a handbag or manbag (no judgement here!), you probably are a lot more worried about what’s inside the bag than outside. Mistake! Think about it. You put your handbag down on bathroom counters and floors, in public transport and other really dirty surfaces. A recent study has found that a woman’s handbag can carry more germs than the average toilet seat. So experts recommend that you regularly clean your handbag with germ protection soap (providing the material allows for it)

2. Hands:

According to LiveScience.com, 95% of people fail to wash their hands long enough to remove any harmful bacteria. That means that you’ve been shaking hands with traces of “bathrooms” and body parts that haven’t been washed - after your friends have been to the loo. GROSS! And it’s not just bathroom germs we’re talking about here; we’re talking about infectious diseases that are spread through contact as well.

According to the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when we use proper handwashing techniques, we can reduce respiratory illnesses, like colds by 16-21%. All the more reason to keep some hand santizer at your desk when the dreaded flu season comes around.

3. Toilet Germs:

When you flush a toilet, the spray from the flush can send “toilet mist” as far as around 1.8 meters if the seat is not closed. So our advice is, close the lid - or your toothbrush and clothes will get covered in toilet germs.

4. Kitchen Sponges:

Your trusty little kitchen sponge is probably one of the dirtiest things in your home a recent German study found. The worst part, they discovered that “no [sanitization] method alone seemed to be able to achieve a general bacterial reduction of more than about 60 percent. “Our data showed that regularly sanitized sponges (as indicated by their users) did not contain less bacteria than uncleaned ones.” Our advice is to get a fresh one weekly.

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