Help Your Children Avoid Common Illnesses

With the arrival of winter comes the arrival of colds, flu and viruses. Children and babies are particularly susceptible to catching all the nasty germs going around as they have weaker immune systems and are also exposed to far more people than your typical adult. Think about the amount of children in your average school and how often they hug, touch or play together. It’s no wonder children get sick so often! Luckily, you can minimise the risk of contracting a lot of common illnesses just by using some common sense and practicing good health and hygiene habits.

The common cold is one of the most frustrating illnesses for both adults and children, and almost all of us have fallen victim to it a fair few times. Some people say that kids get a cold almost every two months! Thankfully, they generally aren’t that serious – but they’re still inconvenient and can force your kids to have time away from school.

Teach your children that washing their hands with germ protection soap regularly can help keep them healthy and keep running noses and sore throats at bay. Because colds are often caught by touching your nose or mouth, teach your children to always wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, and before touching their faces – especially if they know that classmates or friends are sick!

Gastroenteritis is another common illness affecting kids. More commonly known as stomach flu or a tummy bug, these kinds of viruses tend to spread very quickly and they can strike quickly. Much like colds, the best method of infection prevention is to wash hands regularly and be over-cautious where hand hygiene is concerned. Remember that if your child does contract this kind of illness, to be vigilant about dehydration. Young children dehydrate quickly, so ensure they get plenty of fluids and if diarrhoea and vomiting continues, take them to a doctor.

You can also limit the spread of pinworms in children by enforcing good hand hygiene habits. Of course, handwashing is a very important aspect of this, but it is also important to keep nails clipped and clean, and ensure children shower or bath regularly as well.

Remember, it’s more important than ever to keep soap on hand at all times during winter. Good luck fighting off those winter bugs!