It’s child’s play. Or is it?

It is hugely important for us to allow our young children to play. By playing they are learning many critically important life skills - such as how to socially interact with others as well as facts about natural phenomena such as gravity. It is also a way in which they develop control over their own faculties and movements.

A child’s play can take on many forms; some children will be fascinated by things such as building blocks and various forms of puzzles. Others will spend hours drawing, if given a few blank pages and a set of colour pencils. Then there are the sporty ones who are happiest when they have a ball in hand – or at their feet. And then there are kids who respond wholeheartedly if given a musical instrument. The list goes on …

If you are lucky your child may even display an interest in a range of diverse things. However, the sobering fact is that most of the toys your child will touch will have been handled by many other kids. The fact remains, however, that people, including the little ones, can carry harmful germs such as the ones that cause colds and flu and other infectious diseases.

So, how can you still allow your precious little ones to play to their heart’s content but still take the necessary precautions to give them effective germ protection?

The answer lies in teaching them to practice regular hand washing with a trusted hygiene soap such as Lifebuoy. Make sure you have the soap within reach of and teach them a good hand washing routine.

Now. Let the children play!