Winter hygiene tips

Air the rooms

As the temperatures get colder you may feel the need to keep the doors and windows closed. However, this is not an option. If a room is always closed, there is a higher chance that microbes will live and breed inside. Germs and bacteria multiply in warm and damp areas and a closed room means there is no fresh air circulating. Air your rooms daily and allow sunshine and fresh air to enter.

Wash your hands regularly

Illnesses like laryngitis, colds and flu are rife in winter. Regularly washing your hands for 20 seconds with Lifebuoy soap will help prevent the spread of germs that may carry illnesses like these. Wash your hands before and after a meal, after using the toilet or playing with pets.

Important tip: When washing your hands, make sure the tap is closed to save water. Only re-open the tap when rinsing.

Clean your heater

If you have an electrical heater, try to clean it regularly. If it has been stored away during summer, your heater is most probably filled with dust. It also collects dust quite easily as soon as it is switched off. Use a soft microfibre cloth to wipe your heater after it has cooled.

Place your mattress in the sun

Choose a day where the sun is out and place your mattress outside. Doing so will get rid of germs and allergens and reduces the risk of mould or fungi growing. Just remember, as you sleep dead skin cells shed onto your bed. The same goes for sweat and other bodily fluids, so airing out the mattress and changing your bedding often is vital.

Take extra care of your family by keeping your environment clean and fighting off any illnesses this season.